...the eternal nature of art and song that comes through the hands and mouths of the mortal...


Thank you for your time and interest. Heathen Call is a boutique label specializing in handcrafted, limited edition releases by exceptional artists. By means of audio releases, written publications, and textile art we look to create and inspire ideas. Our aim is not world domination and commercial success but rather the creation of a following of like-minded people who see art and music as inspiration more than commodity. With each release we donate a percentage of earnings to a charity of the artist's choice. Please visit the Releases page for projects both past and current.

We do not sign bands, book tours, or run PR campaigns. If you are a band or singer/songwriter looking to sign to a label, may we suggest this well articulated essay by Rob Miller, co-owner of Bloodshot Records.


Heathen Call looks to facilitate the needs of artists and musicians by offering services in both audio and visual design. We are equipped with a modest recording studio that is comfortable, effective, and affordable. Our design studio offers services in screen printing, die cutting, embossing, etching, as well as a plethora of custom and conventional design solutions. Please visit the design and recording pages for more information about these services.

Digital Downloads

At Heathen Call we focus on the album experience. At each artist's discretion, digital downloads of their album will be available when all physical copies of the album are sold.

About Album Releases

We always strive for consistency, but keep in mind that all Heathen Call releases are handcrafted endeavors. We would never release something that didn’t meet our standards, but in some cases slight variances may be found from one copy of an album package to the next. For example, when working with dye there will be differences in dye lots and there is a chance that the album received may have a slightly different hue than the one pictured on the website. We consider this a part of the charm of each handcrafted album.

Out Now:

Zach Miller- A Grave of Rain

Marmot vs. Mammoth - self titled L.P.

Cyril Barrett Tribute

SERPE- Slow Set of Track

Coming Soon:

Heathen Call is relocating! More good stuff coming your way in 2016!


Joey Burns of Calexico

Laura Viers

Marmot vs. Mammoth

2015 Heathen Call